Domenico Cannizzaro



Don Jose (Domenico Cannizzaro) is the best and most consistent singer on stage. He is vocally confident, particularly in the top register where it counts, and has just the right amount of sweetness, particularly in the flower song without surrendering the character’s stubborn, manly decency.  
John Slavin, The Age, Australia

Domenico Cannizzaro was brilliant...............Don Jose.   
Michael Easton, The Sunday HeraldSun, Australia 

Domenico's voice is like a light in a dark room.   
Dame Joan Sutherland, Soprano

Domenico Cannizzaro killed them at the Crown Casino when "O sole mio" was given it's Centenary celebrations.   
Silver Fox, Australia

Domenico Cannizzaro………was suberb. His sustained upper notes were excellently placed and carried true weight. Cannizzaro’s aria from Pagliacci was a most moving rendition.
                                                                                      Michael Easton, The Sunday HeraldSun, Australia 

A great success……his tones are limpid and clean, especially in the passages requiring shading and pianissimo.
                                                                     Giuseppe Di Bernardo, La Sicilia, Italy

It was the neapolitan songs, interpreted by Cannizzaro with passion, that inspired the numerous public with enthusiasm.
                                                                  Sandra Maccarrone, La Sicilia, Italy

Dè miei bollenti spiriti from Verdi's La Traviata....he easily conveyed the passion and joy underlying Alfredo's words at his possesion
of Violetta.                                  Cecilia Xuerub,Sunday Times, Malta

He has a lot of personality....he was at his best in Cilea's Lamento di Federico from L'Arlesiana and Puccini's E lucevan le stelle.                                                         Albert G. Storace, The Times, Malta

Domenico Cannizzaro not only fascinated Callas, but the whole audience that applauded with vigour.
Gabriella Gommersall, Il Globo, Australia

Domenico enchanted the audience that applauded without any reserve.
         Gabriella Gommersall, Il Globo, Australia

Cannizzaro entered the stage to sing "Il lamento di Federico" demonstrating his great talent.
Frank Di Blasi, Il Globo, Australia

The well known tenor had success with the repertoire of operatic arias....singing with ardour and passion, he delighted and moved those present, lovers of the famous and unforgettable neapolitan melodies.
Frank Di Blasi, Il Globo, Australia

His voice is strong and timbered and adapts to the interpretation of neapolitan songs that require tone and stamina...’O Sole Mio...was repeated many times at the request of the public that did not want the concert to finish.
                          Tom Padula, Insegna, Australia